Obama’s Solar Scandal & Mississippi Powers’ New Lignite Coal Plant

Guaranteed Loan Linked to Scandal

Obama’s Solar scandal has split the United Nations environmental scam wide open for all to witness.  $535 million guaranteed loans for a failed green company as payback for political contributions?  Americans will not tolerate such corruption.

Solyndra was the first company to receive a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy as part of the 2009 stimulus package. This wasn’t small potatoes. The loan guarantee was for $535 million.

It was, Vice President Biden said, “exactly what the Recovery Act was all about.” Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, said it would help “spark a new revolution that will put Americans to work.” It was part of the Obama administration’s program to create so-called “green jobs,” which we were told were the key to future economic growth.


  • Both Kemper Coal Plant and Obama’s Solyndra Solar received federal loan guarantees.(1)
  • Both Mississippi Powers’ IGCC  Kemper Coal Plant and the Solyndra Solar Plant Claim to bring green  jobs and boost the economy.  I would like to see the bogus study where Mississippi Power will be employing more Full Time Permanent workers over the next few years.  It is not logical with the layoffs and closings they have planned. I say put it in writing or quit deceiving the people.  What Mississippi Power is about to do with the Kemper Coal Plant will cause a terminal cancer in the economy of Mississippi.

Both Kemper County Coal Plant and Obama’s Solar Plant Scandal have Energy Secretary Steven Chu involved in the promoting and supporting the projects.
Most importantly, both The Mississippi lignite experiment and the Solar experiment were a product the KYOTO PROTOCOLS of the United Nations, Agenda 21.  A plan to reduce manmade greenhouse gasses and trading carbon units to redistribute the wealth from America to poorer nations all under the disguise of doing good through environmental causes. 

(1) http://www.netl.doe.gov/technologies/coalpower/cctc/EIS/kemper_pdf/Front%20Matter%20and%20Summary.pdf

Remove the CO2 capture portion all together, and put in proven reliable technology coal with new scrubbers and add new scrubbers to the old plants.  Stop bankrupting companies and businesses. Quit making our rates skyrocket for a false science on global warming and quit following the Kyoto Protocols of the united Nations.  Follow the America way to prosperity.

Artificial Paradise, Inc. (Agenda 21) (via Free Us Now Weblog)

Just a couple more laws and regulations… Do you want to to look the other way?

Artificial Paradise, Inc.  (Agenda 21) Introduction I have some good news for you.  You have a life plan!  Your idyllic paradise has been carefully conceived and is awaiting just a couple more laws and regulations to be hammered out before given to you.  The bad news is that your life plan is being planned by someone else. Your paradise is not of your conception, nor perhaps even to your liking.  It is artificial, imposed by the CEO's of AP, Inc. Although many years of planning have g … Read More

via Free Us Now Weblog

EPA will cause BLACKOUTS, Destroy Industry, Kill Jobs, and People, But Jackson is Happy

Posted by Ben Howe (Profile)

Thursday, August 4th at 9:30PM EDT

I reported recently on EPA rules that ran the risk of causing shut downs of plants in Texas and elsewhere.  But that was before the massive heatwave began putting the real strain on them.  So much so that they are almost at full capacity.  And unfortunately, the EPA is only tightening it’s grip.

Via Wall Street Journal:

The agency is now tightening nearly every eco-regulation in existence, abusing in particular traditional air pollutant laws to shut down coal-fired power plants. This cluster of overlapping rules will cause far more cumulative damage than merely one or another rule would by itself.

A utility, for instance, might be able to comply with a single new rule, but under the EPA firehose it might be forced to retire some of its operations. Beyond the direct costs to the utility, plant closures would lead to job losses and higher prices for consumers and business, with their own knock-on effects.

Some of the power plants, like Edison Electric, are calling for more time to comply with these onerous regulations so as to help prevent any economic or energy disruptions.  In a heatwave and a down economy, you’d think the EPA would be receptive.  Unfortunately, the source of these rules, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, believes that the greater good that is being served comes ahead of these petty concerns.

In fact, Jackson believes that there is no reason to be concerned about the economics whatsoever.  After all, what do the industry leaders know about their own industry when compared to a former chemical engineer?


This cost-benefit bias may explain why Ms. Jackson could claim at a “green jobs” conference in February that under the Clean Air Act, “For every $1 we have spent, we have gotten $40 of benefits in return. So you can say what you want about EPA’s business sense. We know how to get a return on our investment.”

Essentially what Jackson is saying is that the return on investment for the EPA, in the form of regulatory fees, is more important than the very industries that they are tasked with regulating.

Worse yet, they are risking the health and happiness of the people that they are tasked with protecting.  Temperatures in Texas are approaching 110 degrees and industry and utility groups are requesting time to comply with the EPA’s MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technolog) rules which “require coal-fired power plants to install equipment that in some cases is too expensive to afford and in other cases does not currently exist commercially.”

The stated purpose of the rule is to reduce pollution but could force the shut down of enough coal-fired power plants to equal about 30-70 gigawatts of electricity nationwide.  For perspective, 1 gigawatt of energy powers about 750,000 homes.  Families living in the power grids affected will either have to find another more costly source of energy when economic times are tough and not everyone can afford a solar-powered makeover (which the government is coincidentally offering incentives for citizens to do, though those incentives pale in comparison to the cost) or they will have to simply live with blackouts.

The utility industry says the standard will lead to double digit rate hikes for consumers and require costly upgrades to some power plants.  But I seem to recall that someone said that under his plans, power bills would “necessarily skyrocket.”

To add insult to injury, these regulations have been shown to be unnecessary by none other than the EPA itself.

Via The Roanoke Times:

The EPA is proposing regulations to control numerous air pollutants that the agency’s own studies show pose no risk to human health; the health benefits claimed by the EPA for these proposed regulations are actually for pollutants that are already controlled through other existing regulations.

Not to mention the fact that the coal fired power generation is already putting forth plans to reduce their own emissions.

By 2015, the coal-fired power generation industry will have invested $125 billion in coal utilization technologies that burn coal cleaner and with more efficiency.

Power plant emissions are already down nearly 80 percent since 1970. A coal-fired power facility built today is, on average, 90 percent cleaner than the one it replaces, according to the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Ironically, the ability to build those new plants is next to impossible due to even more stringent EPA regulations.

Meanwhile, Jackson is scoffing at the mountain of information showing that these rules will cause blackouts, destroy industry, kill jobs, are unnecessary, and impede the ability for the coal industry to enact self regulation that they already had begun.  Instead, she’s patting herself on the back for bringing in tons of cash at the cost of jobs and industry.

Lisa Jackson is dutifully executing the President’s radical environmental agenda, having explicitly stated that he intends to put the coal industry out of business, originally through Cap and Trade.  His failure to get that job killing monstrosity passed into law has merely changed his path. The objective remains the same.


Addie Green Democrat PSC Central District

Addie Green


Courtesy Addie Green
Addie Green is a Democrat running for the Public Service Commission central district post.

by Valerie Wells
July 29, 2011

In a campaign season when few Democrats and even fewer women are running for state office, African American grandmother Addie Green stands out.

Green, a Bolton alderwoman since 2009, is running again as a Democratic candidate for the Public Service Commission central district. She first ran for the PSC post in 2007 and lost.

“I want a seat at the table. I want to look at the poor and senior citizens,” Green told the Jackson Free Press this morning. “Senior citizens’ light bills are so high.”

Public Service Commissioners have to approve utility rate increases. Green is appalled at the rising cost of electricity, gas and even cell-phone service. Her concern is for constituents on fixed incomes.

“Many only get $500 or $600 a month,” she says. If those customers can’t pay their utility bills, the service providers make them to go to nonprofit agencies to apply for help. Green thinks the utility companies could do a better job helping people understand what kind of aid is available and perhaps make it easier to get.

Green has argued as alderwoman that Bolton Mayor Lawrence Butler could better manage public works in the city. “The mayor wants to be the water reader. He wants to do it all himself. He does not want to operate by the budget,” she told JFP Daily.

“He should be more concerned with economics for the people rather than himself,” Green says.

The alderwoman got her start in politics with a labor union. Green worked for Packard Electric in Clinton for more than 30 years. While there, she helped found IUE Local 698 Union and would become its president. She later was election commissioner for the city of Bolton.

She studied sociology at Utica Junior College and at Jackson State University. A board member of the Jackson NAACP, Green has volunteered for many community organizations for 40 years. Despite sharing that information, the mother of three and grandmother of six declined to give her age.

“I don’t discuss my age for political reasons,” she says. “A woman doesn’t discuss her age.”

Green says Pres. Barack Obama inspired her to run for state office when he appealed to Democrats to get out and get involved.

“As a Democrat, this is what I should do.”

Another Texas Business Gets a Kemper Contract

Flowserve Corporate

Flowserve World Headquarters
5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., Suite 2300
Irving, TX 75039

Phone: (972) 443-6500
Fax: (972) 443-6800


Flowserve Receives Pump Order for Mississippi Power’s Kemper IGCC Project Print E-mail
DALLAS – Flowserve Corporation announced an order to supply process pumps to be used in the carbon dioxide (CO2) capture process at Mississippi Power’s Kemper County integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power station project.

Flowserve ISO 13709/API 610 process pumps will be used in the facility’s CO2 capture unit. The Kemper County IGCC power plant is designed to capture approximately 65 percent of the CO2 emissions that would normally be released to the atmosphere. The CO2 will then be sold for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. One of the first commercial projects in the United States to employ carbon capture at a power plant, the facility is an important milestone for low-carbon electricity production. The order was booked in the first quarter of 2011.

“The Kemper County IGCC project is an important step in the development of clean coal technology,” said Tom Ferguson, president, Flow Solutions Group. “Flowserve is excited to be part of such a significant project and that Mississippi Power has chosen Flowserve pumps for this project. The order is another example of our commitment to the environment and how the application of our products can help customers meet their sustainability goals.”

Flowserve is a pioneer in carbon capture and storage (CCS), having provided in 1984 the first centrifugal pumps used for CO2 pipeline and injection service. Since then Flowserve products have been used on numerous projects to remove CO2 from process streams in gas plants, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants. Flowserve is also actively participating in pilot projects to study CO2 capture from industrial flue gas streams. 





Alarming News: Mississippi Power Co’s Coal Plant (prt 2)

A Kemper County land owner has reported that the CO2 capturing coal plant being built is acquiring more land through leases.   They are telling the land owners that they need the additional land because they will add another turbine.

The plant is already expanding before it has even been built. The high-voltage wires are running due North and due East into Alabama but as of today no power lines are running South or West into Mississippi. Let us be clear, the people of Mississippi are the ones responsible for paying for this plant. Never before has an electrical plant been built out of the pockets of rate payers. Usually investors, banks, and industry are responsible for the risks involved in building unproven technology.

Unfortunately, Obama, Steven Chu, Haley Barbour, Van Jones, the Mississippi Senate, Leonard Bentz, and Lynn Posey felt there was nothing ethically wrong with bankrupting Mississippians.  Yes, those are strong words but just imagine the cost of living increase that will occur across the board as Mississippi becomes the state with the most expensive electricity. The Obama administration plans to bankrupt every coal plant that is built through ever-growing, ever-changing, increasing government regulations. That’s very well-documented even with video.

We want ratepayers to understand this; the Public Service Commission determines what percentage of profit (10%) the electric companies can make. This straight percentage is from their operating expenses. As the operating expenses of Mississippi Power skyrocket so will their profits. Perhaps this is why they feel so confident that they can lease additional land for another turbine before one is even built. Meanwhile other carbon dioxide capturing coal plants around America are changing directions or expressing deep regret for entering into the CO2 capturing-global warming scheme. One plant is $900 million over budget and is warning others.

Mississippi Power Service Man Tells Me…

Met an employee with the Mississippi Power Company today and casually asked him if the Kemper Co Coal Plant will make our electric bills go up. He said, “very little if any and only temporary.”  He then told me who to vote for, the incumbent.  I assure you I will not be voting for a PSC incumbent who voted to bring CAP and Tax to MS.

Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause?




Evidence CO2 does not cause dangerous Global warming

Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud / John Coleman

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