Mississippi Kemper coal Power PSCs Failed to Satisfy State Law Now Will Face More Exposure

The Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s ruling that approved construction of Southern Co’s USD 2.8 billion coal gasification project in Kemper County, Mississippi.

In a 9-0 voter, the state supreme court said the Mississippi Public Service Commission’s May 2010 approval of the project failed to satisfy state law and sent the case back to the PSC.

Source – Reuters



Thomas Fanning Southern Company Joins CRAZY Ted Turner Solar Venture

What reasonable person or CEO would ever enter into a business venture with CRAZY Ted Turner?   Perhaps Thomas Fanning  CEO of Southern Company supports Ted Turner’s VISIONS or should we say HALLUCINATIONS.

Believes Man Made Global warming will make us cannibals in 30 years.

We are in crisis and need to revamp our energy system now or the earth will burn up soon.

There is much MUCH MUCH $$$ MONEY $$$ to be made through the United Nations destructive Energy Plans

We need population stability or control.  Like China?  No, much worse, listen carefully!  CRAZY

Thomas Fannning joins Ted Turner in another Obama-style Solar Scheme to save the planet from Ted Turners Hallucinations. See video

Link to Solar Venture HERE

Southern Company is the Parent Company of Mississippi Power and are building Kemper County Lignite Coal Plant to promote Cap and Trade of CO2 to make Ted Turner and Thomas Fanning richer and more powerful.  Cap and Trade will bankrupt America.

Southern Company Joins United Nations Global Green Deal for Climate, Energy, Development


If you don’t understand the connection Southern Company, Mississippi Power, and the United Nations, look at goals, they align with each other by following the “PUSH DOWN TO LIFT UP”  UNITED NATIONS  program.




United Nations of Southern Company with CEO Thomas Fanning Is Awarded

Award Southern Company Received is from an United Nations Non-Government Organization.

“The World Energy Council is the most representative body of the energy industry

with members in 96 countries. Its mission is to promote the

sustainable supply and use of energy for

the greatest benefit of all. The London-based organization has

official consultative status with the

United Nations.”



Southern Company Named “Power Company of the Year”

PR Newswire ATLANTA, Dec. 2, 2011

ATLANTA, Dec. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Southern Company (NYSE: SO) was named “Power Company of the Year” at the Platt’s 2011 Global Energy Awards ceremony in New York Thursday night. The recognition honors Southern Company as the leading power company in the world for 2011.

Southern Company was evaluated on its “successful development and implementation of a strategic plan that optimizes performance and growth while taking an aggressive, proactive approach toward a radically altered business and trading environment.”  Specific judging criteria included customer care and satisfaction, effective risk management, financial results, innovation, operational excellence, safety, security, and strategic vision.

“Southern Company is truly honored,” said Thomas A. Fanning, chairman, president and CEO, Southern Company. “This award reflects the dedication, innovation and commitment of Southern Company’s 26,000 employees who make thousands of great decisions everyday – all for the benefit of our customers, allowing us to provide reliable, affordable electric service.”

Southern Company was among nine finalists chosen from a list of more than 200 nominations, based on their performance for each category’s criteria within the designated timeframe. The company was selected from the overall list of finalists by an independent panel of judges, including former regulators, past heads of major energy companies, leading academics and international energy experts.

Southern Company enjoys the highest market cap in the industry while also being known for its robust research and developmental program.

With 4.4 million customers and more than 42,000 megawatts of generating capacity, Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE: SO) is the premier energy company serving the Southeast. A leading U.S. producer of electricity, Southern Company is the parent firm of electric utilities in four states and a growing competitive generation company, as well as fiber optics and wireless communications companies.

SOURCE Southern Company



Southern Company is in full support of the United Nations Anti-American agenda on climate change including fully endorsing the now proven false science behind the global warming swindle.  Southern Company is the “sponsor” of the Kemper County Lignite Coal CO2 capturing ratepayer money pit.  HERE

Here   Mr. Robert P. Gehri  Southern Company Services

Mr. Robert P. Gehri Principle Research Specialist, Research and Environmental Affairs, Southern Company Generation, Southern Company Services.  HERE

Mr Gehri is listed under the Edison Energy Institute (EEI).   EEI has very very close ties to Southern Company, Karl R. Moor Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Southern Company REPRESENTED EEI at a public hearing in Chicago. Here  Now that is a very close connection, right?

EEI also fully supports and has officially committed to the United Nations  Agenda for the 21st century.  EEI is officially a United Nations Non-Government Organization NGO  (HERE)  to promote and defend no matter the cost everything the UN stands for.  The application process to become a U.N. NGO is extremely extensive and is not done by accident.

It is time for you the citizens of America to research for yourself what the UN Agenda 21 is about and decide if you are for or against their agenda for your life, your family’s lives, and your property rights.  If you don’t get involved to stop it, it will make America a third world country and they call it SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT or what I call Concentration (camp) Villages.  They are testing one in Biloxi called Tradition.  If they succeed, we will lose our right to own property, our right to water.

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