Kemper County Plant is a FALSE Sense of Security

The pain is yet to be felt in our economy. Most power rates in MS will skyrocket starting in Jan, 2012 and when other power plants close. Bentz was warned, by many businesses,  of the pending lay-offs if rates increase. So this article is an attempt to give you a false sense of security, to keep opposition at a minimum. Obama is proud of Mississippi for paving the way for Cap and Trade compliance and this is paid publicity to deceive the public from what is really going on.

Miss. Power’s Kemper County Plant Showing Economic Impact


$2.4 Billion Electrical Generation Plant
to Use Stable Fuel Source – Lignite Coal  

Construction is on schedule for the Mississippi Power Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant in Kemper County. The generating plant will use a Mississippi resource – locally mined lignite coal – as fuel to generate electricity to serve an ever-growing customer demand.

The state-of-the-art technology provides a stable clean-energy source. The 582-megawatt electric generating plant represents an investment of about $2.4 billion in the state of Mississippi. The plant is scheduled to be operational in 2014 and will have 300 permanent jobs.

kemper2Work is under way at the Mississippi Power IGCC plant in Kemper County BY THE NUMBERS

$270 Million 

Contracts that have been award to Mississippi firms total  approximately $270 million

290 Jobs

Mississippi’s workforce contributed 290 construction jobs in June

111 Mississippi Firms

A total of 111 Mississippi companies have provided construction, equipment, materials or professional services

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