Public Hearing Kemper Court House


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Tuesday 7pm

Kemper Court House
280 Veterans Street
DeKalb, MS 39328


Information and documents HERE

More details of opposition and Liberty Fuels and Environmental Impact

Progressive Group charters Bus to attend Hearing

Calendar: Gulf Coast Fund Events
Title: Meeting on the Kemper Lignite Coal Plant
When: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 2:00 P – 12:00 P (OVER!)
Description: (MS) 2:00pm CST – Bus Departs Gulfport for Meeting on the Kemper Lignite Coal Plant – Location: DeKalb, MS – This project is still in the permitting phase for the mine portion. This is the 45+ square mile strip mine proposed to obtain lignite to put through a convoluted nasty process that could that converts it to gas to fire the plant so that it could then produce electricity. And keep in mind who is footing the bill for this experiment that from the get-go so failed to inspire professional financiers that they told the Southern Company “not interested.” We must say NO to allowing outsiders to decide acceptable cancer risk levels for our children. We must say NO to allowing outsiders to decide that polluting the watershed of the Pascagoula River with mercury and arsenic is acceptable. Think what this would do to our already extremely stressed Gulf. We must say no to having our utility bills double within the next 3 months. Transportation will be leaving at 2pm from Gulfport / Crossroads Shopping Center (on Hwy 49 north off I-10) near Barnes & Noble bookstore. To sign-up or for more information, please contact Glen Sandberg at or call Linda St. Martins at 228 324 4028.
Location: DeKalb, MS (Meet at Crossroads Shopping Center, Gulfport)
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