United Nations Environmental Program Bureaucrat Lays Out Green Economy Agenda

This is not our original thought or idea, nor is it one man’s opinion. The United Nation‘s Sustainable Development plans also named Agenda 21 by the U.N.,  is based on false science and will cost us everything especially our freedom.  PLEASE begin to learn for yourself.  Until you have determined your own opinion and done your own research you will not understand what we as Americans are up against.

Southern Company with Mississippi Power united with a foreign government agency United Nations following the Kyoto Protocols that will bring hardship to American families.

agency (United Nations) to destroy the economy of this nation.

United Nations Environmental Program Bureaucrat Lays Out Green Economy Agenda

United Nations Environmental Program Bureaucrat Lays Out Green Economy Agenda

February 6,2012

Achim Steiner, the U.N. bureaucrat who heads up the U.N. Environmental Program (UNEP) lays out his green economy plan — and touts government “stimulus programs” to create “green jobs.” At least 100 nations are pushing for expanded powers for the UNEP to control the world’s economies.

HAPPY Start in 2012 for America in their Fight Against EPA’s U.N. Regulations

Happy new year to report the voluntary UN Kyoto Protocols are on hold so 2 coal plants can keep in operation.  Keep up the pressure America.

Luminant to keep units online as court halts EPA rule

Luminant Generation Co. will continue operating two coal-fired electricity units it had previously planned to close now that a federal court temporarily halted a pollution regulation from being implemented, the company said Friday.

In September, Luminant said it would idle two units that provide 1.2 gigawatts of capacity at its Monticello power station in Titus County this coming Sunday to comply with the EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

A federal three-judge panel on Friday granted some utilities’ and states’ request for a temporary stay on the rule, which would have required power plants in 28 states, including Texas, to cut smog- and soot-forming emissions that can cross state lines starting Sunday.

The Dallas-based company, Texas’ largest electricity generator, said in a statement the stay “allows Luminant’s Monticello units 1 and 2 to continue operating and providing needed generation for the Texas electric market.”

Luminant said it can also prevent an unspecified number of worker layoffs and continue operating some lignite coal mines it had planned to shut down.

But since the stay is temporary, Luminant “intends to continue closely evaluating business and operational decisions,” it said.

In early December, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s main grid operator, projected that power reserves would fall below its desired minimum target in 2012 because several power-generating units would be absent and power demand would tick up.

ERCOT’s press office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

But President Trip Doggett, who has long expressed concerns about the rule’s compliance timeline, said recently ERCOT would meet its minimum power-reserves target if Luminant’s units were indeed operating.

Some of Texas’ U.S. lawmakers also blame the cross-state rule for raising the risk of blackouts on the state’s main grid. EPA and environmental groups reject those concerns, saying the agency’s clean-air rules have never caused power reliability problems.

The court didn’t rule on the merits of the regulation, the EPA said in a statement. “EPA firmly believes that when the court does weigh the merits of the rule it will ultimately be upheld,” the agency said.

Additionally, the EPA said it was disappointing that the stay was granted in light of the agency’s recently proposed tweaks to the rule.

The agency has said the proposed increase in allowed emissions for 10 states, including Texas, and a two-year delay in a cap on interstate emissions trading would help ease utilities’ transition into the rule.

A number of utilities and states including Texas and Luminant challenged the cross-state rule in federal court. Texas’ suit alleges that the state wasn’t given enough notice and comment on its inclusion for certain pollution reductions.

The court’s decision to stay the rule “is a prudent one that now gives the court time to review the regulation and its burdensome effects on Texas,” state Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a statement.

The EPA, defending its rule, has said Texas was part of a similar George W. Bush-era rule that a court sent back to the agency to rewrite; the cross-state rule is the Bush-era regulation’s replacement.

While Texas was included only for smog-season emission cuts when the new rule was proposed, the agency put the Lone Star State into the full rule when it was finalized on the basis of comments and feedback from state utilities and officials, said Gina McCarthy, EPA assistant administrator.

For now the EPA will transition back to the Bush-era rule “as seamlessly as possible,” the agency said.

The Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental group, said it was disappointed with the ruling but vowed it “will continue to vigorously defend these vitally important reductions of harmful smokestack pollution against the legal attacks brought by large power companies and states such as Texas.”

“The pollution reductions at stake are some of the single most important clean air protections for children, families and communities across the eastern half of the United States,” Vickie Patton, general counsel for the EDF, said in an emailed statement.

The EPA has said the cross-state rule would save up to 34,000 lives a year starting in 2014 and have annual benefits of up to $280 billion versus annual costs of less than $1 billion. Environmentalists say the rule would help address non-attainment of U.S. smog and particulate-matter air standards in the downwind states where the power-plant pollution drifts.

Luminant and other utilities had plenty of time to prepare for the EPA’s recently finalized environmental regulations because they were years in the making, Jim Marston, head of the Texas office of the EDF, said earlier this month.

The EPA and some analysts also have said Luminant could have switched fuels, bought emissions allowances and ramped up pollution controls to comply with the cross-state rule instead of idling the two power-generating units.

The environmental group’s Texas branch didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

Mississippi Power and Southern Company’s Lignite Coal Plant is an United Nations Initiative

Kemper County Coal Plant Link to the United Nations

Agenda 21 Project of the United Nations in Mississippi Power and Southen Company Lignite Coal Plant

United Nations Member Invests $14million in Southern Company (Mississippi Power)

These Insiders and Institutions Love Southern’s Stock



“BNP Paribas is a member of the United NationsGlobal Compact”  Here

On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 365,728 shares, worth $14,435,284. Here

Insiders are generally long-term investors due to restriction in making short-term profits. In contrast, wealth management institutions always have short-term investment. Wall St. Watchdog reveals information regarding the insiders and institutions which recently increased stock shares of Southern Company (NYSE:SO).

SEC data indicate that no insiders have bought Southern Company’s stock since 06/30/2011.

SEC data indicate that these institutions significantly increased their stock shares of Southern Company in Q3 2011:

  • VAUGHAN DAVID INVESTMENTS INC/IL: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 371,070 shares, worth $14,646,133.
  • BNP PARIBAS ARBITRAGE, SA: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 365,728 shares, worth $14,435,284.
  • KAYNE ANDERSON CAPITAL ADVISORS LP: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 310,000 shares, worth $12,235,700.
  • TD SECURITIES (NYSE:USA) LLC: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 242,200 shares, worth $9,559,634.
  • EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, held 198,000 shares, worth $7,815,060.

About the company: Southern Company is a public utility holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, generates, wholesales, and retails electricity in the southeastern United States. The Company also offers wireless telecommunications services, and provides businesses with two-way radio, telephone, paging, and Internet access services as well as wholesales fiber optic solutions.

Competitors to Watch: Entergy Corporation (NYSE:ETR), Progress Energy, Inc. (NYSE:PGN), Duke Energy Corporation (NYSE:DUK), SCANA Corporation (NYSE:SCG), NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NEE), TECO Energy, Inc. (NYSE:TE), PPL Corporation (NYSE:PPL), Dominion Resources, Inc. (NYSE:D), American Electric Power Co., Inc. (NYSE:AEP), and FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE:FE).

(Note: Data regarding Southern Company’s stock holdings are sourced from whalewisdom.com. All data are assumed to be accurate.)


Click here to go to the site now.
The Mississippi Tea Party will fight Agenda 21 in Mississippi with the launch of a statewide awareness campaign
Jackson, MS – The Mississippi Tea Party has passed a resolution to move awareness of what has been a fringe issue
within the tea party to the front burner, recognizing it as a top priority among the member groups. That issue is called
Agenda 21. It is a little known, but widely implemented policy that was adopted by more than 178 Governments at the
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June of 1992.
Agenda 21 is the framework for a completely new paradigm in the 21st Century. It is a guide that works to protect the
environment on a global basis by changing business and governmental policies and human behavior. The true goals of
Agenda 21 are the abolition of private property, education for global citizenship and the monitoring and control of all
human activity. Agenda 21 is based on the Earth Charter, which values nature and wildlife more than human beings.
Implementation of Agenda 21 is being escalated in the United States with the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Earth
Charter, to be held in Rio in June 2012. State and federal governments have accelerated their activities to gain
ownership or control of 50% of all lands in the U.S. by any means in order to give them a protected status.
Currently, 1,054 U.S. Mayors have signed onto the Mayors Climate Change Agreement, which was created in 2005 at
the U.S. Conference of Mayors to advance the goals of the Kyoto Protocol, including the Mayors of Hattiesburg,
Jackson, Meridian and Tupelo. Many more Mississippi Cities are showing evidence of participation and endorsement
by adopting ‘Comprehensive Plans’ that implement the principles of Agenda 21.

In the world of business Agenda 21 is not a free market friend, preferring PPPs or Private Public Partnerships where the government decides which companies will receive tax breaks and are allowed to stay in business. Thanks to the best public relations scheme in our nation’s history, all of this has been cleverly disguised with positive sounding names like ‘Smart Growth’ and ‘Sustainable Development’, but the end game is far from beneficial.

It will result in control of our cities, counties, states and our nation by a foreign body, the United Nations, and will completely strip Americans of the right to own property and the right to live and work where we choose. It will dictate what foods we are allowed to eat, what kind of cars we are allowed to drive and the state will take over the raising of our children as they are indoctrinated to become global citizens.

The Mississippi Tea Party has launched a statewide awareness campaign to educate the citizens of Mississippi about
the dangers of Agenda 21, which has become engrained in our local, state and national governments so that we, the
people of Mississippi, can work together to remove it from our state. As a part of that campaign, a new website has
been launched at http://www.StopAgenda21inMS.com. The website publicizes Agenda 21 awareness events around the state
and provides updates on challenges to the policy in addition to providing over 150 articles and a document library to
provide education about Agenda 21. The Mississippi Tea Party is proud to join tea parties in all Southern states and
nationwide to stop this destructive policy.
The awareness campaign kicked off with an Agenda 21 meeting in D’Iberville on August 29 which was attended by
Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Governor Phil Bryant and Republican candidate for Attorney General, Steve
Simpson as well as numerous city and county officials among a crowd of 300 people.

The Mississippi Tea Party is a voluntary statewide association of independent 912 Project and Tea Party
groups. Our purpose is to foster communication between our member groups, to promote their events, to
provide a unified public voice, to help grow new groups and to support the election of conservative
candidates to elected offices. For more information, please visit



write info@StopAgenda21inMS.com

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