Sun Herald Comment On IGCC Kemper County Coal Plant

Readers of the Sun Herald should be familiar with the controversy surrounding Mississippi Power’s expensive and highly experimental power plant in Kemper County. Designed for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power production and carbon capture and storage, the plant was touted as “clean coal” and would be the first in the world of its kind.

However, Mississippi Power ratepayers — whose power bills will increase 30-50 percent to pay for the Kemper plant — should note that construction has been cancelled on a similar IGCC plant in Australia, the ZeroGen plant near Rockhampton, Queensland.

After the Queensland government had invested $108 million, the company building the plant has declared bankruptcy. Queensland Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation last month that the IGCC technology was simply “not financially viable.” He expressed worry that the billions of dollar slated for developing IGCC technology would be wasted.

Mississippi needs to learn from the Australians’ mistakes with their “clean coal” boondoggle. We must stop construction on the Kemper plant before ratepayers pour billions of dollars into a highly experimental IGCC process that has now been exposed as “not financially viable.”

“Clean coal” is the pipe dream of coal and utilities fat cats who have had far too much say in how Mississippi is governed. It’s time we woke them up. The Kemper IGCC project needs to end. Now.


Long Beach

Al Gore’s Says CO2 causes Global Warming and Kemper IGCC Experiment is Here

Al Gore on Global warming and the need to reduce CO2 from coal plants.  The rate payers in Mississippi are being FORCED to pay for the experimental CO2 capturing device on the Kemper Coal plant. This is a following the plans for Cap and Trade and the Agenda of international governments (United Nations).  Al Gore plays a key role in promoting the bogus science.


Obama’s Solar Scandal & Mississippi Powers’ New Lignite Coal Plant

Guaranteed Loan Linked to Scandal

Obama’s Solar scandal has split the United Nations environmental scam wide open for all to witness.  $535 million guaranteed loans for a failed green company as payback for political contributions?  Americans will not tolerate such corruption.

Solyndra was the first company to receive a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy as part of the 2009 stimulus package. This wasn’t small potatoes. The loan guarantee was for $535 million.

It was, Vice President Biden said, “exactly what the Recovery Act was all about.” Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, said it would help “spark a new revolution that will put Americans to work.” It was part of the Obama administration’s program to create so-called “green jobs,” which we were told were the key to future economic growth.

  • Both Kemper Coal Plant and Obama’s Solyndra Solar received federal loan guarantees.(1)
  • Both Mississippi Powers’ IGCC  Kemper Coal Plant and the Solyndra Solar Plant Claim to bring green  jobs and boost the economy.  I would like to see the bogus study where Mississippi Power will be employing more Full Time Permanent workers over the next few years.  It is not logical with the layoffs and closings they have planned. I say put it in writing or quit deceiving the people.  What Mississippi Power is about to do with the Kemper Coal Plant will cause a terminal cancer in the economy of Mississippi.

Both Kemper County Coal Plant and Obama’s Solar Plant Scandal have Energy Secretary Steven Chu involved in the promoting and supporting the projects.
Most importantly, both The Mississippi lignite experiment and the Solar experiment were a product the KYOTO PROTOCOLS of the United Nations, Agenda 21.  A plan to reduce manmade greenhouse gasses and trading carbon units to redistribute the wealth from America to poorer nations all under the disguise of doing good through environmental causes. 


Remove the CO2 capture portion all together, and put in proven reliable technology coal with new scrubbers and add new scrubbers to the old plants.  Stop bankrupting companies and businesses. Quit making our rates skyrocket for a false science on global warming and quit following the Kyoto Protocols of the united Nations.  Follow the America way to prosperity.

Southern Co. regulators fret over EPA rules

Coal Trader (11-Aug-11)

By Mark Watson

State regulators in Southern Company’s footprint are working to mitigate the cost and reliability effects of what one Georgia Public Service Commission member calls a “train wreck” of new federal environmental rules.

The way Southern Co mitigated it was by volunteering to be the first in America to comply to the non-existent Cap and Trade?  No, they put the burden to pay for the Kemper Plant upon the people of Mississippi.

Last week, Southern, the nation’s second-largest coal-fired electricity generator, filed at the Environmental Protection Agency an estimate that its subsidiaries would have to pay $13 billion to $18 billion to comply by 2020 with the so-called maximum achievable control technology rule to cut mercury and other toxic emissions.

The parent company of utilities in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi estimates that the new rules could result in about 40% of its 26,199 MW of installed coal-fired capacity either being retired or transitioned to natural gas.

On Monday, a Southern spokeswoman said any of this coal-fired generation that is not highly controlled – defined as lacking both sulfur dioxide scrubbers and devices to control the emission of nitrogen oxide – is “on the table” for possible retirement.

What Kemper is all about is capturing 60% carbon dioxide let’s not misguide the public.  We are all about minimizing pollution but Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant.

More than half of Southern’s coal-fired generation – 14,267 MW, to be exact – lacks one or both types of air emissions control equipment. Here are the numbers, broken out by state:

**Alabama – 8,729 MW of coal-fired generation, of which 4,410 MW is not highly controlled, with the highest concentration of highly controlled capacity in northern Alabama;

**Florida – 1,573 MW of coal-fired generation, of which 438 is not highly controlled, with all of the highly controlled capacity in the western Panhandle;

**Georgia -14,301 MW of coal-fired generation, of which 7,823 MW is not highly controlled, with the highly controlled capacity in northern Georgia; and

**Mississippi -1,596 MW of coal-fired generation, none of which is highly controlled, with all of it concentrated along the Gulf Coast.

Also last week, Southern’s Georgia Power subsidiary asked the Public Service Commission to retire the Mitchell Plant’s unit 4C, with 33 MW of capacity, in March 2012, and to retire the Branch Plant’s Units 1 and 2, totaling 569 MW, effective at the end of 2013. The Mitchell Plant is in southern Georgia, and the Branch Plant is in central Georgia.

Mississippi will be retiring plants as well.  This is being kept confidential until after the elections. But jobs will be lost.

Georgia Power also seeks certification of four power purchase agreements totaling 1,562 MW of capacity found through a request for proposals for periods that begin in 2015 and extend 12 to 15 years thereafter.

“I believe that through our [integrated resource plan] process … we’ll continue to see Georgia without a reliability issue, but at what cost remains to be seen,” said Stan Wise, Georgia PSC chairman, on Tuesday. “It’s something my colleagues and I are very concerned about. Clearly, it’s an exceptionally tight time line for what has been a 50% coal generating state. We’re going to see a dramatic change in the way we’ve done business in this state.”

In an email, Georgia PSC member Tim Echols said, “Georgia Power has a great record of reliability. That will not be an issue, regardless of fuel.”

Wise said he has discussed what he called “the train wreck we’re facing in the next decade” with Georgia’s senators. While the commission has ordered the installation of air scrubbers, these processes take time, and the short deadlines in the EPA rules may leave Georgia regulators with “the only avenue we have in this state … to shutter a plant or transfer it to another fuel source.”

We should be joining forces with Texas to fight overbearing irrational regulations the Obama administration is laying out to destroy our economy.  The timeline should be delayed!

In contrast with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Georgia lacks a large amount of underutilized gas-fired generation capacity controlled by independent power producers, Wise said.

But an industry observer who works with independent power producers in the region said the Southeast may, in fact, have underutilized gas generation that would be available to fill in the gap from Southern’s retired coal-fired generation.

“There are many, many less independent power producers there than in the past, but I wouldn’t make a blanket statement that the generation’s not there,” said the observer, who asked that his name not be used. “Historically, they haven’t been run very much.”

Replacing coal-fired generation with new gas-fired generation, which would be funded by ratepayers, could mean a big blow to Georgia consumers. “You can be sure that when the costs of these rules are passed on to the ratepayers, it will get their attention,” Wise said.

But Echols said he has “no worries as long as natural gas prices stay down.”

In Mississippi, Leonard Bentz, the PSC member who represents the Gulf Coast region served by Southern’s Mississippi Power subsidiary, said it would be “irresponsible” for utilities to switch much of its generation to natural gas.

What is irresponsible is to force the people of MS to buy an experimental Lignite Coal plant in compliance to Obama’s Green agenda. And even worse, was to do it secretly.

“Do you think for one second that gas prices are going to stay low?” Bentz said Tuesday. “I don’t. … I’m not going to be a part of getting gas-heavy on generation. You need a good, diversified fuel mix.”

This is all about deception folks.  Steven Chu  expressed his goal to “bankrupt” every coal plant in America through regulations.  Bentz said, Let Mississippi be first.  And make the ratepayer buy the plant but not to increase the rates until after his re-election. 

It would be equally irresponsible to shut down Mississippi Power’s coal-fired generation when the utility regularly hits records for summer demand, as it has done in the past two years, Bentz said.

It is criminal to force one of the poorest states to buy a risky coal plant scam causing the poorest to suffer to their deaths in the heat. Say it will bring jobs as businesses close and lay-off.   But Bentz did just what Obama wanted.

“Reliability is probably one of the biggest determining factors in my decision-making process, a fraction above cost,” Bentz said. “When people’s bills get high, the phone rings off the wall, but when the lights go out, the phones blow up from all of the calling.”

Following the political agenda seems like the determining factor.  It took only 72 hours to change the minds of the Bentz and Posey after recieving the persuasive letter from Haley Barbour who was hoping for a presidential run at the time and kissing up-to liberals. 

In a joint e-mail, the Alabama PSC said it learned from Alabama Power that “under the currently proposed implementation schedules, reliability will be jeopardized.”

“For that not to occur, the EPA must extend its stringent compliance periods and adopt a more flexible approach,” states the e-mail. “Otherwise, customers could potentially suffer reliability impacts and incur unnecessary costs due to compliance penalties, inflationary pressures, material supply and labor shortages, as well as the potential for multiple outages occurring at one time.”

The Alabama commissioners’ email said they “plan to maintain an open dialogue … concerning these issues” with their congressional delegation and other government officials.

Bentz said he has been discussing the new EPA rules with Mississippi’s congressional delegation.

But not discussing it with the people of Mississippi.  Again I want to see a fight against Cap and Trade not a volunteer to be the first to comply mentality.  Bentz keeps saying, “We will be the first in energy.”  But what he means is, we will be the first fools to be involved in the “train wreck.”

But Echols said he expects that Congress will not forestall the EPA rules unless Obama loses the 2012 presidential election.

“The EPA is a powerful agency,” Echols said.

Mark Watson

The red italics is inserted opinions and is not part of the original Coal Trader article in black. Brandon Presley voted against the Kemper County Lignite coal plant and has been an advocate for the people of Mississippi on this topic.

Jones County Residents Face Higher TAXES and ELECTRIC BILLS Come 2012 0

Jones County may pay higher taxes, on top of their higher electric bills during our economic crisis.   Are Jones County city offices, schools, hospitals, local businesses, and so on including the secret 2012 electric rate increases in their projected budgets?  The confidential rate increase revealing itself, without adequate warning for planning, would be detrimental. 

Our Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz was so very wrong when he concluded America’s economy would be fully on the mend so ratepayers could easily afford the big hike in their electric rates in 2012 to pay for the experimental Kemper County Cap and Trade Coal Plant.  Others know the concealment and postponement was actually to assist his re-election by hiding the rate increase until after the election.  Got’ta keep the crooked politicians in power.

It was Public Service Commissioners Leonard Bentz and Lynn Posey whose votes forced the entire state of Mississippi to comply with the Cap and Trade regulations even though our Government failed to successfully pass Cap and Trade.  Mississippi is the first to invite infinite REGULATIONS and a pathway for Obama’s REDISTRIBUTION of WEALTH through ECONOMIC JUSTICE.  If we build it (Cap and Trade) they will come, and now all of America will know it was Mississippi who led the way.

Leonard Bentz is proud to say; “Mississippi is leading the way in energy!”  It’s like saying Mississippi is leading the way for another phase to destroy America with over regulation.   The Obama’s agenda will now have an example in Mississippi to be able to place Limits on CO2 emissions from all American coal plants that will also lead to Carbon trading options on the Stock Exchange.  Now who does that benefit?  Wall Street?  Let’s remember CO2 makes plants grow, our food comes from plants and plants give off Oxygen. We can’t live without plants. Carbon Dioxide is NOT A POISON until contained in high concentrations like we are about to do with Carbon Capture.

We believe the United Nations is very pleased that Obama was able to find fools actually willing to comply with the nonexistent Cap and Trade scheme. Perhaps they are laughing that Mississippi even found a way to make the people unknowingly pay for Carbon Dioxide Storage in their electric bills so there is no risk to the investors.

Disgrace is upon Commissioners Bentz, and Posey, for succumbing to the pressure letter from Obama’s Energy Czar, Steven Chu. And shame on Gov. Haley Barbour for passing out favors to the Obama administration to prop up his futile presidential run out of the wallets of his own people. Coincidentally, Barbour directly profits from the building of the Kemper Power plant, so please do not lose sleep regarding Barbour’s wallet.

Thank you to Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley for accurately predicting the harm in Cap and Trade being paid for by Mississippi ratepayers at this time.  We appreciate Presley for not betraying the trust of Mississippians. You were the only genuine advocate for the people. And this gratitude is coming from conservative Constitutional Republicans, Libertarians, as well as sensible Democrats.

If you have read something here you have evidence to the contrary, please let us know.  We want the truth to be told.

Posted: Aug 09, 2011 4:11 PM CDT Updated: Aug 09, 2011 4:53 PM CDT

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) – Jones County supervisors are struggling to make tough cuts for the upcoming fiscal year.

Supervisors have asked all department heads to cut 5 percent out of their projected budgets. Officials said the county has seen a 3 1/2 percent decrease in car sales and property taxes.

Meanwhile, The Jones County School Board is not seeking more money in 2012 but is requesting the same amount as last year.

Supervisors said they believe that request could cause taxes to increase by a mil.

Copyright 2011 WDAM. All rights reserved.

Secret Rate increases Exposed: even if plant NEVER works

Thomas A Blaton On the Experimental Lignite “Science Project”

Mississippi Power Kemper County Lignite Project

Tom’s speech below will explain his views regarding this Mississippi Power Project: 

I am running for Public Service Commissioner, Southern district, in order that the public should be represented.  I am opposed to the 45% electric bill increase which Mississippi Power Company will need to pay for this experimental lignite science project in Kemper County.  Mississippi Power used its considerable political influence to obtain the passage of Senate Bill 2793 which allows regulators to charge the consumers for the construction of experimental technology even if the technology does not work.  This is nothing less than radical liberal corporate socialism.

    I am opposed to the public utilities filing rate increase documents in secret.  At the request of Mississippi Power the rate impact information is maintained by the Public Service Commission as a confidential, non public record.  No one knows how much it will cost.  And in this light, the Public Service Commission voted two to one to allow Mississippi Power to go forward with this science project. Never have so few taken the power from so many.  At the radio forum in Purvis, Mr. Bentz accused me of lying about the 45% increase.  The only organization allowed to see the entire record is the staff of The Mississippi Business Journal, a very conservative newspaper.  It is their studied opinion that the increase will be 45%.  Mr. Bentz should not believe his own rhetoric that this percentage is made up by the Sierra Club. 

    Large electric rate increases cause taxes to go up. Even today, our schools, our cities, and our counties are raising our taxes in order that they will be able to pay Mississippi Power for this science project when the electric bills go up next year.  This tax increase is the biggest tax increase in Mississippi history.  We should all give credit to the leadership of Phil Bryant and the Republican Party who worked diligently to make sure that the residents of South Mississippi may have the privilege of paying these huge new taxes. 

When you consider that Mississippi Power distributes mostly within towns and cities, the situation becomes even more unjust.  Laurel is 55% black and has an medium income of  65% of the Mississippi median.  Meridian is 54% black with a median income less than 85% of the state median. Hattiesburg is 47% black.  Waynesboro is 57% black with 31% of the people living below the poverty level.  Consider this:  the casinos on the coast receive large electric rate discounts.   The rich folk in Lamar County do not have to pay extra to make up for these discounts given by Mississippi Power because they do not buy electricity from Mississippi Power.  But the poor and black folk do. 

Power Companies should be made to play fair not favorites.          

Every economic model put forward by Mississippi Power shows that the cheapest fuel and method of generation is to burn natural gas.  Only Mr. Bentz and the management of Mississippi Power exhibit the primitive, non competitive notion that the price for natural gas is volatile.  Mr. Bentz says that gas is $4.00 one day and $15.00 the next.  That just is not so.  And why compare day to day gas purchase practices with a 25 year coal lease with an ultra cheap royalty to the landowner.  There is enough known reserves of natural gas to run Mississippi Power into the next century. And when adjusted for inflation, natural gas is cheaper now than thirty years ago when it was run by the government. 

Nowhere in the testimony before the Public Service Commission does anyone mention the fact that when electric bills go up substantially, old folks die.  It is estimated that for every job created by the lignite science project, an elderly person will die from temperature related illness every year.  Over the life of the lignite project, more than ten thousand old folks will die.  Mr.  Bentz, Mr. Posey, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Barbour, this is not a good trade. 

    It is too much power for a power company to have. 

    Between 1999 and 2003, Haley Barbour received 2.9 million dollars to lobby for Southern Company, Edison Electric Institute, Electric Reliability Coordinating Council, and other energy industries.  He paid the Southern Company back with 2.9 BILLION dollars of the public’s money so that they can build the experimental lignite science project.  Haley was satisfied being paid only one tenth of one cent on every dollar he delivered to Southern Company.  Folks that is chump change.  I cannot believe that we were so gullible to elect someone Governor of our state that is so cheap. Cheap. Cheap. 

We will never get out of the economic cellar as long as we tolerate these liberal Republican policies which destroy our natural wealth for the benefit of the Yankee carpetbaggers and their liberal fellow travelers. 

You may recall my efforts to block the Republican plan to use Richton Salt Dome as a nuclear dump.  You may recall my efforts to stop the dumping of New York City’s garbage in Stone and Greene Counties.  You may recall my efforts to stop gravel mining in Okatoma Creek.  I opposed Kirk Fordyce’s plan to build 2,000 pig farms in North Mississippi with no sewage controls.  All of these efforts were successful.  I never asked for a dime in compensation. 

I lead the legislative efforts, as a citizen activist, to create The Scenic Streams Program.  When I activated my telephone tree, the switchboard in the state capitol building caught on fire.  I was active in rewriting the gravel mining laws of Mississippi to protect our streams and in the rewriting of the laws regarding hazardous waste dumps in Mississippi. At my suggestion, our state set up one of the most successful hazardous waste recycling efforts in America.  I helped build the public support for the Pine Belt Regional Landfill. 

I ask for your vote for Public Service Commissioner, Southern District.  I will work for you.  I am strong enough, tough enough, and smart enough to stand up to the utilities and their paid lobbyists.  Let’s stop the 45% electric bill increase. Lets repeal Senate Bill 2793. Elect Thomas A. Blanton your Public Service Commissioner.  I really will save you money! 

*Note:  the Senate Bill 2793 is now Mississippi Code section 77-3-101 through 77-3-109.

Alarming Kemper Coal Plant Update 1

Alabama Gets Kemper County Electricity?

Kemper Power Lines may be heading to Alabama

It has been reported by a reliable Kemper Co local source, that the High voltage lines placed to carry the electricity from the Kemper Power plant,  are running exclusively North and EAST!!!!

This is significant since one of MS Public Service Commissioners, Leonard Bentz, assured ratepayers not one KWH would go to Alabama or Arkansas.  It’s looking like the company was built specifically for Alabama and it’s Southern Company.  I will find out the truth because we the people have a right to know what is happening to our state and our nation. IMHO there should be ZERO High Power Lines running to Alabama if Mississippi ratepayers are paying for the plant.  If this is true, it is criminal for Mississippi ratepayers to buy the plant for Alabama and the Southern Company.

What is North needing the other 1/2 electricity produced?

Coal Plant CEO on Obama’s Carbon Capture Process

Why Obama Wants Your Electric Bills to go up

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