No Limit to the Fees Passed Onto the People

Mississippi Power could not approve of this plant construction until there was unlimited funding to be passed along to us, the ratepayers.  2 out of 3 Public Service Commissioners suddenly changed their mind to lift the limit so building could proceed.

Mississippi Power Says Thanks But No Thanks

To Coal-Fired Plant

April 29, 2010

The three member Public Service Commission voted 2-1 today approving Mississippi Power’s plan to build a $2.4 billion coal-fired generating plant in Kemper County. However, the company, which has been fighting for over a year to win approval for the plant, says they will not build the plant.

The reason for this decision by Mississippi Power was the conditions put in force by the PSC. This includes a condition that put a $2.4 billion cap in the “amount of construction costs the company would be able to charge to rate payers.” The company said this restriction made it financially impossible to construct the plant.

The member who voted against the proposal was Brandon Presley, a Democrat, from the northern district. The politics of this is interesting. Presley said rate payers were not protected by even the proposal put forth by the PSC so I imagine he will make a populist claim for opposition. Presley as you may know is thought of as a rising star in the Democratic Party. But while he may claim populism, he is also siding with groups like the Sierra Club and labor unions- not necessarily groups you want attached to your hip as a candidate in Mississippi.

Mississippi Power Says Thanks But No Thanks To Coal-Fired Plant « Majority In Mississippi.


DEMONSTRATION Unit in Wilsonville, Alabama = Unproven Technology

The public is told by a Mississippi Public Service

Commissioner that this Lignite Coal Gasification 

Process is proven, solid, even guaranteed technology.

However there is much to be learned from a scale 

model to be built in China in 2012.  The new Kemper

power plant will be paid for in advance by Mississippi

citizens no matter the cost no matter the risk.  

It is being built as you read this.

TRIG™ Project

Demonstration & Project Information

TRIG Demonstration Unit at Wilsonville, Alabama, USA

KBR and Southern Company developed TRIG™ and related systems for commercial implementation of power, chemicals and fuels applications in conjunction with the DOE at the Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF) in Wilsonville, Alabama, USA. The PSDF is an engineering-scale demonstration of TRIG™ and associated critical subsystems.

The operational experience gained by KBR and our partners at the demonstration unit is the basis of a planned, full-scale, commercial implementation of TRIG™ technology to produce 600 MWe power in Mississippi, USA. The IGCC project for Mississippi Power is based on lignite coal gasification and will employ two KBR TRIG™ gasifiers operating in air-blown mode to produce clean coal energy.

US Files Countersuit Against KBR, Alleging Kickbacks – Corruption Currents – WSJ

US Files Countersuit Against KBR, Alleging Kickbacks – Corruption Currents – WSJ.


KBR, partnered with Southern Company/Mississippi Power to build a power plant in Mississippi.  So many questions remain.

Kickbacks in military subcontracts open the door to wartime profiteering and corrupt the integrity of our government contracting process,” said Tony West, assistant attorney general for the Civil Division, in a statement.

“When we learn of such illegal conduct at the expense of taxpayers, we will pursue it,” West said.

Mississippi Power Co IGCC Project – Kemper County

Now that NASA’s satellite equipment and independent objective Scientists have proven that Carbon Dioxide plays no role in global warming and that earth is now in a global cooling phase, there is no evidence to support a demonstration Mississippi Power Company carbon capture structure on a coal plant.  The only reason to continue with a plant with CO2 capture is for unscrupulous reasons.

We must ask the question why they are proceeding with construction?

Plan described to capture 65% of CO2.  For what purpose? And why should the ratepayers pay for it?

You can find the answer to this question by reading about the Kyoto Protocols standards set up by the United Nations as a way to redistribute the wealth.  Wealth=property

Gasification and TRIG™
Over the past decade, Mississippi Power’s parent company, Southern Company, along with the Department of Energy, has been Allegedly developing cleaner, less expensive, more reliable methods for power production from coal. A result of this research is gasification technologies, developed at the Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF) near Wilsonville, Alabama.Rather than burning coal directly to make electricity, gasification first breaks coal down into chemical components. Gases that result from this chemical breakdown can be used to fuel power plants using integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology.

Southern Company, suggests that in conjunction with their partner KBR, has further developed the gasification process to work even more efficiently for low-rank coals, such as the lignite that is abundantly available in Kemper County, Mississippi. Low-rank coals have less energy per pound but account for half of worldwide reserves.

TRIG™ details according to Mississippi Power:

  • Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG™) technology was developed by Southern Company and KBR. It is a superior coal-gasification method with less environmental impact.
  • TRIG™ easily handles the low-rank coals that account for more than half of the world’s vast coal reserves. It offers a simpler and stronger method than most existing coal-gasification technologies.
  • It also produces more power and offers lower capital and operation and maintenance costs than other systems.
  • The IGCC facility in Kemper County will use TRIG™.
  • The Kemper County IGCC Project is a scale-up of a plant already in operation at the PSDF in Wilsonville, Ala. It was developed by Southern Company and KBR in conjunction with the Department of Energy.
  • With TRIG™, the IGCC facility in Kemper County will turn Mississippi lignite into gas while cleaning emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury to near natural-gas levels. It also will produce 65 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than the current pulverized coal plants.

Energy Partners Plans for Mississippi

Mississippi Lignite Coal Plant

Transport Inergrated Gasification Art

America eagerly seeks new energy technologies to make us independent.  The Southern Company, the parent company of Mississippi Power, in cooperation with the Department of Energy have been trying to develop a cleaner, possibly less expensive, and more dependable methods of producing power from coal.  The result of some of this research is gasification. According to the Mississippi power website this technology was developed at the Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF) in Alabama.

The gasification of coal breaks down coal into chemical components which can be burned and used to fuel power plants using a fancy term called, ” Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle technology (IGCC) “ unfortunately there is an undesirable environmental impact.

Southern Company partnered with KBR (much more on this company later) and further developed the technology to use a low quality mushy coal called lignite.  It is said that Lignite is abundant in Kemper County, Mississippi so construction has begun taking advantage of the geographically close fuel source, Lignite, to reduce logistic transportation costs.  That’s prudent.

  • (T R I G ™) Transport Integrated Gasification utilizes a low grade lignite coal burning method that will be used at the IGCC facility in Kemper County Mississippi.  We understand they will be testing the effectiveness of the cleaning of emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other dangerous elements some of which may be unexpected.

The Kemper County Coal Power Plant project appears to be in full cooperation with and DEPENDANT  upon the Al Gore global warming agenda, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Cap and Trade, and the redistribution of wealth.  A carbon dioxide capturing device was incorporated into the lignite coal burning process. Carbon dioxide is the gas that sustains human lives and is required in the process of photosynthesis to maintain the life of plants. The EPA determined carbon dioxide is poisonous needing regulation.  Is it ridiculous for Mississippi to jump into compliance to these progressive money grabbing scams?  Does someone believe we are getting into the bottom floor of a pyramid scheme?

The Kemper County Plant is fully preparing for carbon dioxide to be regulated by government entities by investing rate payers monies (that means most of you in Mississippi)  into this brand-new energy plant utilizing brand-new never used to scale technology.   The risk of budgeting failure  without costly changes is certain and it is reasonable to expect the new technology will need costly adjustments following the testing in China, 2012. Risk is clearly documented, noted, and white-washed for the trusting silent Mississippians.

It has also come to our attention that some of the current coal burning plants in Mississippi will be fitted with scrubbers to improve the removal process of harmful toxins and to meet or exceed environmental standards. That seems reasonable and efficient but what you have not been told is some plants may be closed as a result of Kemper Power plant.  That equals lost jobs in Mississippi.

Americans optimistically look to the future for environmentally safer and economically sound methods of producing electricity.  Developing and correcting these new technologies directly out of pockets of unsuspecting Mississippians labeled as a power bill is unethical.

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