Mississippi Power and the Green Scam

House Committee Exposes Green Jobs Myths

Obama’s green jobs program has wasted billions on useless boondoggles.

On November 2, a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee held a hearing on so-called “green jobs.” Testifying at this hearing was the Energy Department Inspector General and the Assistant Inspector General in the Labor Department.

What they found should shock all of us. According to Energy Department IG Gregory Friedman, as of late October, only 45% of the department’s 2009 “stimulus” funds for green jobs had been spent. Why? Because few “shovel ready” jobs actually existed.

How many permanent jobs will be created from the Mississippi Power’s $2.5 Billion CO2 capturing Green experiment?  around 200.

How many jobs will be lost by retiring coal plants and other reductions in Mississippi Power contracts?  To be announced after the elections.

In addition, as of June 30, the Labor Department had awarded $490 million of the $500 million Congress allotted for green jobs. Money went for training hybrid-electric car auto mechanics, weatherization of buildings, and solar panel installation. Only $163 million was actually spent out of the $490 million. Of the 53,000 people served by the program, 47,000 enrolled in training. Of those, only 8,000 found jobs. Of those 8,000 only 1,366 were employed six months later.

In effect, this Obama boondoggle cost $121,257 per job for those 1,366.

According to Friedman with the Energy Department, $2.6 billion or 57% of its stimulus funds remained unspent.

When money was spent on such things as weatherization of homes, the work was shoddy. In one state, nine out of 17 homes failed inspection because of lousy workmanship.

In short, Obama’s green jobs program has been a colossal failure with billions of tax dollars wasted on needless jobs. What’s Obama’s response to his previously failed policies? He wants more of the same.

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