U.N. Invading Your Home

U.N. Invading Your Home

Look out! U.N. now invading your home

Warning says this is coming even over owner’s objections

By Kevin DeAnna

Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America,” is warning that the federal government and the United Nations are teaming up to control energy usage in American homes.

 Sussman, who also wrote the blockbuster “Climategate,” says the move could lead to citizens losing the freedom even to run their appliances as they wish.

The first step in the plan is the installation of “smart meters,” which are being introduced by power utilities nationwide. Unlike traditional spinning wheel electric meters, smart meters allow the power utilities to measure energy usage minute by minute.

The Federal Energy Act of 2005, signed by George W. Bush, mandated that power utilities offer “each of its customer classes … a time-based rate schedule under which the rate charged by the electric utility varies during different time periods.”

However, power utilities have begun pushing the installation of smart meters even without a customer’s request. As Sussman documents in “Climategate,” the energy company PG&E pushed the new meters on customers by saying that it would allow the company to collect data “without setting foot on your property and interrupting your schedule.”

The utility did not mention that the innovation would potentially lead to increased prices during peak hours and detailed tracking of each home’s energy usage, “Climategate” reveals.

More importantly, some utilities have begun installing the smart meters over the objections of customers, leading to several legal battles.

While some state courts have ruled that customers should be allowed to opt-out, others have allowed utilities to force consumers to accept the more invasive smart meters.

Nor does the new technology end with increased prices. Sussman reports that the Energy Act of 2005 also permitted the construction of the SmartGrid, “a national interest transmission corridor designated by the [Energy] Secretary.”

As documented in “Climategate” with a memo from the Congressional Research Service, the purpose of the SmartGrid is to track “information from a customer’s meter in two directions: both inside the house to thermostats and appliances and other devices, and back to the utility.”

As mentioned in the congressional brief, the SmartGrid will also include the Programmable Communication Thermostat and the Home Area Network. The two technologies will allow utility companies to shut off appliances remotely.

The “improvements” were generally not implemented because of cost considerations, but the federal government stepped in to “solve” the problem, Sussman argues.

In the 2009 stimulus bill, the federal government authorized $16.8 billion in direct spending by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency, an additional $4.5 billion to upgrade to the nation’s grid and at least $2.8 billion for installing broadband.

The 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act also contained federally mandated energy-efficient building regulations that supersede all local and state codes. The law will be enforced by federal regulators funded by energy taxes and $25 million from the Department of Energy “to provide necessary enforcement of a national efficiency building code.”

All of this is being done at the behest of the United Nations and its Agenda 21.

As Sussman documents in “Eco-Tyranny,” Agenda 21 is a global effort by international elites to deliberately raise energy prices and change consumption patterns.

It states, “Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require… changes in consumption patterns. Governments themselves [can] also play a role in [determining] consumption… and can have a considerable influence on both corporate decisions and public perceptions.”

As part of the effort to “determine consumption,” Agenda 21 mandated “Demand Response Technology,” or the SmartGrid.

Sussman explained in an exclusive interview with WND , “This is critically important because one of the main objectives of Agenda 21 is to lessen the ‘carbon footprint’ of individual consumers. By tying in a federally mandated SmartGrid that can track every person’s energy usage to a global agenda of reduced consumption, Americans will have even lost the right even watch the television or do the laundry when they want.”


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The Green Movement is a joke

Lower Your Living Sandard

Light bulbs, electric consumption, toilets, food intake… all under correction of The U.N. Agenda for the 21st century. Southern Company, as mentioned in their annual report, is cooperating with the bizarre environmental suggestions generated from the United Nations conference called the Kyoto Protocols.  The result will be a much lowered living standard.

Redevelopment sounds wonderful but steals the property from landowners. Just another way to reduce our living standard.

Cow Fart Game

Play Methane Madness: put a cork in Gore’s climate day

CFACT’s new game trains online players to help “Pal Gore” control the climate by corking cows and watching them float away, only to realize neither humans nor cows are threatening the planet and Al Gore is the one full of hot air!


More American Lignite Plants CLOSE but MS Power Is On Schedual for Impact

While Mississippians continue to enjoy the lower electric rates they are unaware of the pending costly nightmare they are about to wake up to;  Mississippi Power will tear our dreams from our futures through our wallets.  It is always a shame to see businesses collapse, but collapsing as a result of following the United Nations AGENDA 21 (Kyoto protocols), to enforce unreasonable regulations dictated by the U.N.’s timeline, destroys the American freedom men and women died for.  That should inspire us to action.  The businesses that will collapse are the ones in Mississippi, in your neighborhood, belonging to your friends as a result of inflating electric bills.

Mississippi is standing on the tracks and the train  is plowing right for us, if we don’t get off the track we will face the crippling impact straight on.  We must stand up, speak out, and take action.  Kemper County Lignite Coal Plant is just a decisive battle over Mississippi’s economy but it is Agenda 21 that is the war for our nation and fulfills everyone’s worst nightmare.

For more information concerning Agenda 21’s Green Agenda click Here

Luminant files notice of suspension of operations for two Monticello units with state energy council

By Staff Reports
Tuesday, October 4, 2011 11:52 AM CDT

DALLAS — Luminant filed a Notice of Suspension of Operations with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Monday for Monticello units 1 and 2 in Titus County.

This action is consistent with the details of the company’s news release and Securities and Exchange Commission 8-K filing on September 12, 2011, according to a company statement.

The notice was filed to comply with ERCOT’s own protocol that requires a 90-day notice for changes to electric generating unit operations.

Monday’s filing describes action necessitated by the need to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule beginning January 1, 2012.

The company has indicated previously that it intends to continue to seek to identify and pursue options that might allow them to restore levels of generation at the units affected by the rule.

Luminant has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to remove Texas from a new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule due to go into effect early next year that the company says will force it to idle two power plants and end mining operations at three lignite mines across the state.

The company also plans to file a lawsuit to stop the rule, which is due to take effect on Jan. 1, and will require Texas to significantly reduce power plant emissions. Luminant has said previously that the only way it can comply is by idling its Monticello Units in Mount Pleasant and by ending use of lignite for fuel at its Big Brown Units in Freestone County, using instead only coal from the Powder River basin.

The company says it would also end mining operations in Freestone County and at its Thermo and Winfield mines in Hopkins and Upshur counties, although it would continue reclamation activities at all three.

The company says the effect of the moves would be to reduce generating capacity by 1,300 megawatts.


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