Mississippi Power wants you to Switch from Gas to Electricity

“Mississippi Power offers rebates to its residential customers to help offset the cost of conversions from gas equipment to energy-efficient electric equipment.”

We can predict from the  building of the expensive Kemper County Coal Plant and the widespread coal plant closures across America that a conversion from gas to electricity May be a costly painful mistake. What bothers me most is that those with gas are at a current advantage because Electric bills are about to skyrocket when the coal plants fail to meet the United Nation’s schedule of capping the CO2 emissions.  These are some challenging times to understand, who is our enemy?   It is hard to tell others, for some will find this crazy sounding,  that this Agenda comes to us with carefully crafted safe sounding words with a meaning behind the word you would never guess;  like Sustainable Developments, Smart Meters, Smart Growth, Earth Cents, biodiversity, and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI.  These terms and procedures were carefully selected to deceive Americans to keep their compliance.

Smart Cents and other programs fall under something called AGENDA 21, an Agenda for the 21 century.  The plan is being rammed down America throat as fast as they can before we find out what hit us.   But to our surprise this has been quietly progressing for years and is in a final phase.  This plan is a schedule to peacefully destroy  America as we know it through redistributing the wealth from America to other countries.  It is not freedom loving Americans behind this program but the United Nations.  We must ask ourselves.  Does the U.N. have our best interest in mind?  Are they trying to preserve or destroy our freedoms?

If you could just take a moment to do an internet search on the topic of Agenda 21 you will find on their sponsored websites the most benign sounding and looking activities constructed to deceive the American citizens, however if you could also find sites where they have been researching the programs being pushed by Agenda 21 they are greatly affiliated with  environmental issues.  Good you say.  I like our environment and want it protected.  The reality is there is nothing environmental about the ultimate goal of AGENDA 21.

Here is a sample to get you started.


Barbour Names Virden Jones for PUS

Executive director of the Public Utilities Staff

Gov. Haley Barbour has appointed Virden Jones as executive director of the Public Utilities Staff

JACKSON, Miss. — Gov. Haley Barbour has appointed Virden Jones as executive director of the Public Utilities Staff.

Jones begins the new position immediately and must be confirmed by the Senate.

The Public Utilities Staff works with the Public Service Commission to represent the interests of ratepayers, utilities, state agencies and the broad public interests of the state of Mississippi.

Jones has worked as director of the Electric, Gas and Communications Division at the Public Utilities Staff since 1999. He joined the agency a year earlier as financial modeling manager. As director, he oversaw rate reviews and fuel audits across utility sectors.

Jones, a certified public accountant, previously worked as chief financial officer at Pay Telephone American Inc. and as a registered representative at Morgan Keegan & Co.

Jones named PUS executive director – Regional Wire – SunHerald.com.

Moody’s Credit Opinion: “NEGATIVE” Mississippi Power Company

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