The EPA Will Save Us From No Threat For $100 Billion – Mississippi Power’s Role

The EPA Will Save Us From No Threat For $100 Billion

October 11, 2011 by


Armstrong Williams

Syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams has recently noted that the EPA is now on a jihad to protect Americans from the chemical known as perchlorate. Never heard of it? Few people have. It’s a salt manufactured and used primarily by the military and the aerospace industry, according to Williams.

Perchlorate also occurs naturally and in low amounts in water supplies, soil, agricultural crops and dairy cattle. It’s also found in fertilizers that farmers use to grow their crops.

Radical environmentalists have convinced the zealots at the EPA that this chemical is a dangerous pollutant that must be regulated. This is in spite of the fact that the National Academy of Sciences has stated that this chemical has no observable effect on the human body in its naturally occurring form.

The same can be said for the Carbon Dioxide.  The United Nations declared CO2 to be a dangerous killer.  It sent instructions to the EPA and the EPA regulates the companies and Southern Company complies and cooperates.   

In addition, the EPA’s own Inspector General in 2010 concluded that the EPA’s regulation of this chemical will not protect human health in any meaningful way. But, the economic impact of the EPA regulating this chemical will be catastrophic to our nation’s farmers. The EPA’s IG stated: “The potential regulation of perchlorate is a critical environmental decision that has significant social and economic consequences. The regulation of perchlorate could adversely affect $70 billion dollars worth of U.S. agricultural exports…when one considers both the agricultural and environmental clean-up costs, the potential regulation of perchlorate represents at least a $70–110+ billion dollar decision.”

Mississippians will be paying for a costly experimental CO2 capturing device for the benefit of the Stock Holders of Southern Company Southern Co. pretends to be angry at the EPA, but then cooperates fully when it serves them. Mississippi Power follows Southern Company, their mother. 

In short, the EPA’s regulation of this chemical will produce no health benefits to humans, but will cost an estimated $100 billion to American farmers for “clean-up.”

Isn’t this just like the EPA? Lisa Jackson and her tree-huggers will find a non-existent problem, issue regulations to control it, and let farmers go belly up as a result of their irrational earth-worshipping ideology. Some might call this an unintended consequence of overregulation, but we’re way past the point of thinking these policy decisions are unintended. These areintended consequences. They’re deliberately working to destroy capitalism and to reduce our nation to a Third World status.

We completely agree that the actions of the EPA are calculated in accordance with something called the Kyoto Protocols.  Look Kyoto Protocols up, it is a United Nations plan to redistribute wealth from America to  Third  World countries using environmental issues.  

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