308 New EPA Rules Waiting to be Implemented Against Businesses

The EPA destroys jobs by imposing draconian

demands on American businesses.

At present, there are 308 new EPA rules waiting to be implemented against businesses. One of these rules was going to tighten restrictions on the emission of ozone. Due to political considerations, however, President Obama ordered the EPA to withdraw the ozone recommendations.

Non Attainment Maps

Map of all counties that would not attain proposed 60 ppb Standard

If the ozone rule had been enforced, it would have made 85% of the counties in America in violation of the new standard! The costs would have been astronomical. The EPA has openly admitted that such restrictions would have cost counties between $20 billion to $90 billion! The EPA estimates are probably understated.

A 2010 study by the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI on the EPA ozone standard warned that this extreme standard would have killed 7.3 million jobs and added $1 trillion in business costs annually beginning in 2020. The ozone standard has only been shelved not rejected; presumably it will be implemented after the presidential election in 2012. [William F. Shughart II, “How EPA Could Destroy 7.3 Million Jobs,” The Examiner, November 12, 2010]

Other pending rules include forcing pesticide companies to change their container labels. This means that every company that produces pesticides must submit their labels to the EPA for approval! Some producers will fear selling their products with the old labels for fear of being fined. Changing labels will cost millions to implement. Another pending EPA rule forces farms in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed to change how they feed their cattle and dispose of cattle manure. The impact of this rule, once enforced will be felt nationally. [Diana Furchtgott-Roth, “Don’t Forget The Job Killing EPA, Mr. Obama,” RealClearMarket.com, September 8, 2011]  

Coal Plants have been shut down across America because of excessive EPA regulations. EPA’s new regulations on coal are forcing several utilities such as American Electric Power, Duke Energy, and Southern Company to shut down their coal-fired power plants because of the excessive costs involved in complying.

In addition, a study done by National Economic Research Associates reported that the EPA’s Cross-State Air Rule and Utility MACT Rule will result in the loss of 53,500 job-years in Ohio by 2020. That’s just one state. Coal Plants have been shut down across America because of excessive EPA regulations. The EPA is also blocking development of such important projects as the Keystone XL pipeline, which would pump oil from Canada to refineries in Texas. This pipeline would produce billions in revenue and thousands of construction jobs! [“EPA Causing Job Losses, Blocking Job Growth,” Texas Insider, August 25, 2011]

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s Republican minority issued a report in September 2010 on the devastating impact the EPA is having on job growth. According to the report, EPA restrictions on commercial and industrial boilers put nearly 800,000 jobs at risk! EPA standards for Portland Cement Plants put up to 18 cement plants at risk of shutting down, threatening 1,800 jobs directly and 9,000 indirectly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The EPA is a job killer and Lisa Jackson is one of President Obama’s favorites in the administration. She can be expected to implement his anti-energy policies – policies he can’t get approved through Congress.


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Welcome! It is an honor to have a moment of your day. We are in favor of all forms of energy. We care about the future of this great Nation and seek to expose the corruption behind the Kemper County CO2 capturing experimental Lignite coal Demonstration unit. Our Chief complaint is that the rate payers pay for it in their electric bills. The CO2 capturing does not produce electricity so therefore serves no purpose for the ratepayers. It is a money scam for Mississippi power and Southern Company. Mississippi is first in following the (United Nation's Agenda 21) Kyoto Protocols for the regulation of carbon dioxide, a gas we breathe out of our lungs, by forcing the people to pay for it through energy bills and taxes. Through the process of investigating the Kemper County Coal Plant issue, we feel criminal acts have been committed and that soon FCC violations will be added to the offenses. People are being lied to, deceived, or misled and therefore are fully cooperating with this Lignite experiment. "This blog or any content may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of political pathways, Constitutional infringements, democracy, science, and other issues. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is compiled and distributed without profit. This blog does not always agree with certain personal views or agendas of the published authors, but we will overlook such views many times in order to present facts, conclusions, and connections for knowledge or clarification. We hope you gain from this critical subject matter of the article/op-ed."

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