Mississippi Smart Meter Warning and Boycott

A California community fought the Smart Meter so time to take action Mississippi!

Did you know there are health problems associated from the radio frequency given off from the meters?  Furthermore Smart Meters have hacking problems, inaccurate readings, on top of the invasion of privacy concern.  Also, more reports of an increase in electric costs instead of decrease.  Let’s resist this.

You can still refuse a smart meter and hold your energy company responsible for high smart meter bills

A neighborhood united against Smart Meters

Hundreds of PG&E customers have contacted TURN to complain about Smart Meter installation. In response, TURN has been working to hold both PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) accountable.

The CPUC investigation into PG&E’s Smart Meters did not go far enough. It failed to answer many of the questions consumers continue to have about the accuracy, effectiveness and safety of these expensive new meters. TURN remains skeptical that Smart Meters are a smart investment for consumers. The meters have failed to provide customer benefits commensurate with their costs, which are $2.2 billion for P&GE customers alone.

While the investigation did not address the wealth of complaints TURN has seen about Smart Meters, we are in full agreement with the conclusion that PG&E’s customer service, education and the overall handling of this project have been abysmal. While PG&E continues to install meters, TURN will continue to demand that PG&E improve customer service across the board.

>Download a Smart Meter Free sign” href=”http://turn.org/downloads/TURN-Do-Not-Install-the-Smart-Meter.pdf?utm_source=turnweb&utm_medium=download-sign&utm_campaign=smart-meter”>Download a Do Not Install sign to hang on your traditional meter!


Ultimately PG&E may be able to force these Smart Meters on everyone—whether you want them or not. But right now PG&E largely appears to be respecting the wishes of consumers who have asked not to have them installed, and some city and county governments have passed ordinances ordering PG&E to halt installations and have succeeded in delaying installations for the time being.

With your ongoing support, TURN’s next steps will be to continue documenting consumer complaints about high bills, billing errors, poor customer service and other issues as well as organizing against future rate hikes and time-of-use pricing.

For now, here are some things you can do:

  1. Contact PG&E and let them know that you don’t want a Smart Meter and would like to be placed at the end of the installation schedule at the very least. They will most likely tell you that you have no choice. Remain firm but calm remind them that PG&E has stated publicly that consumers who boycott the meters will not be shut off.

    PG&E’s dedicated Smart Meter line is 1-866-743-0263

    If PG&E threatens to shut off your power, file a complaint with the CPUC.

    You can also download a sign below to place on your meter. At least once a month, take a picture of your meter reading and mark the date and time. It is quite possible that PG&E may send you an estimated bill. If they overestimate your bill you will have proof of your actual usage. If they underestimate your bill, be aware that PG&E could charge you for any “past usage” for an indefinite period of time. You should save up to pay for any underestimates and contact PG&E.

  1. Unfortunately, once the meters have been installed it is extremely difficult to get them removed. If you already have a Smart Meter, monitor your bills closely, and if you see any suspicious increases, contact us and file a complaint with the CPUC. Your complaint will go on record and will assist us in fighting for stronger consumer protections in California.
  1. Send letters to the CPUC, your local newspaper and your elected officials letting them know why you are disappointed with the CPUC’s investigation of Smart Meters and urge the CPUC to just say no to further PG&E rate hikes.

No matter what happens with the Smart Meters, we at TURN will continue to do what we have always done: work to hold utility companies and the CPUC accountable.

We will be sending updates about our next steps as well as other actions you can take for lower bills and a livable planet.

The best way to support our efforts is to become an active member of TURN and to make a tax-deductible donation. Members receive priority when calling or emailing our consumer hotline for advice, assistance, and tips for saving money on your utility bills.

Contact Kori Chen, Community Organizer, at 1-800-355-8876 or kchen@turn.org for more info.

Download a Do Not Install the Smart Meter Sign

download a Smart Meter Free Zone sign


Download a Do Not Install sign to hang on your traditional meter


About Mississippi Coal
Welcome! It is an honor to have a moment of your day. We are in favor of all forms of energy. We care about the future of this great Nation and seek to expose the corruption behind the Kemper County CO2 capturing experimental Lignite coal Demonstration unit. Our Chief complaint is that the rate payers pay for it in their electric bills. The CO2 capturing does not produce electricity so therefore serves no purpose for the ratepayers. It is a money scam for Mississippi power and Southern Company. Mississippi is first in following the (United Nation's Agenda 21) Kyoto Protocols for the regulation of carbon dioxide, a gas we breathe out of our lungs, by forcing the people to pay for it through energy bills and taxes. Through the process of investigating the Kemper County Coal Plant issue, we feel criminal acts have been committed and that soon FCC violations will be added to the offenses. People are being lied to, deceived, or misled and therefore are fully cooperating with this Lignite experiment. "This blog or any content may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of political pathways, Constitutional infringements, democracy, science, and other issues. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is compiled and distributed without profit. This blog does not always agree with certain personal views or agendas of the published authors, but we will overlook such views many times in order to present facts, conclusions, and connections for knowledge or clarification. We hope you gain from this critical subject matter of the article/op-ed."

One Response to Mississippi Smart Meter Warning and Boycott

  1. Spring Stewart says:

    My power company installed a smart meter at our home about 6 months ago. Since then my youngest child, who is only 6 yrs old has started having seizures. I was wondering if someone can tell me where or how i can get more information on the side affects of these meters. please comment back we are only wanting answers for what has caused these seizures. there is no family history of seizures on either side of my or my husbands family.

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