PSC Leonard Bentz’s Lies of Omission

Here is a perfect example of Leonard Bentz Lying by omission

Definition: One lies by omission when omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception.

Below is the media release.  What is missing?  What did he intentionally omit?  The cost to the people and the consequences.

-Only ONE media  release to keep public uninformed. (note he has spent $100,000+ on radio adds to help us know he might help with nuisance solicitor phone calls)

-No announcement of rate increase.

-No announcement of how he plans to close other plants causing more unemployment.

– Failure to tell us that this plant will result in only 260 permanent jobs and fails to include in that number jobs lost from the closing of other plants instead of fitting them with better scrubbers.  A much more economical proposal.

-No announcement of cost of the plant and that we the ratepayers would be responsible to pay for the CO2 capture that has nothing to do

– Minimal public participation for discovery and decision process but that is why we chose Bentz to be our voice and do all our thinking for us. But did he think?  Or did Dr Steven Chu, Energy Czar of Obama, and Haley Barbour letters persuade him choose Redistribution of wealth with cap and trade.

-Confidence of our Government  passing cap n trade  in the future to act today as if it is so putting our State at risk if it does not pass.  Bentz is pushing for the success of Obama’s economic recovery act. Most Americans find Obama’s plans destructive.  But Bentz will tell the people of MS how wonderful it will be “FIRST IN ENERGY.”  How about first to bankrupt?

-Bentz fails to disclose that this energy plan is unique because the people are signed into a contract to pay for the plant even if it totally fails or need another billion dollars.   In all other cases investors and businesses not the ratepayers were placed into risk.

-Bentz fails to inform citizens of how all other energy businesses attempting  CO2 capture has had to cease or change their construction (or are publicly regretful and warning others) due to being over budget and due to high risk.

-Bentz fails to explain  how there is no risk to Mississippi Power and the Southern Company because they can just charge the ratepayers more and more, higher and higher prices.  Our Senate passed a bill especially for MS ratepayers to buy this Kemper plant at no risk to Mississippi power co.

Bentz made one press release to keep it quiet

Mississippi Public Service Commission
MEDIA ADVISORY April 29, 2010
Order States that Power Company Must Meet Conditions
Jackson, Mississippi – Today the Mississippi Public Service Commission ruled that Mississippi Power Company could proceed with plans to build the Kemper County IGCC Plant in order to meet future power generation needs. The Commission approved an Order stating that Mississippi Power Company would pay all construction cost, pending the plant coming on line and producing as proposed. The Commission, in a later proceeding, will consider allowing the recovery of financial cost on construction work in progress.
Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz stated, “The elephant in the room is the uncertainty of the Cap and Trade legislation that is being proposed in Washington, D.C., and I can assure you that those regulations will weigh heavily on the pocket books of Mississippians. This plant will capture approximately 65 % of the carbon emissions that are the driving force behind the Cap and Trade legislation. We are going to beat the horse to the gate with clean coal technology.”
The Commission has placed several measures in the Order to ensure that Ratepayers are protected, including operational expectations, cost caps, plant abandonment and environmental issues.
“With recent announcements of businesses closing their doors, school districts cutting jobs and unforeseen unemployment there is no way the ratepayer could afford the additional cost of this plant on their bill at this time,” Bentz added. “The good news is that when the plant comes on line, the economy should be recovered and that means the power generation will be available for new industry, existing businesses and residents in our state.”
Commissioner Bentz’s office may be contacted by calling 1-800-356-6429 or via email at
Consumers may also send mail to Commissioner Bentz at the following address:
The Honorable Leonard L. Bentz
MS Public Service Commission
PO Box 1174
Jackson, MS 39215-1174


About Mississippi Coal
Welcome! It is an honor to have a moment of your day. We are in favor of all forms of energy. We care about the future of this great Nation and seek to expose the corruption behind the Kemper County CO2 capturing experimental Lignite coal Demonstration unit. Our Chief complaint is that the rate payers pay for it in their electric bills. The CO2 capturing does not produce electricity so therefore serves no purpose for the ratepayers. It is a money scam for Mississippi power and Southern Company. Mississippi is first in following the (United Nation's Agenda 21) Kyoto Protocols for the regulation of carbon dioxide, a gas we breathe out of our lungs, by forcing the people to pay for it through energy bills and taxes. Through the process of investigating the Kemper County Coal Plant issue, we feel criminal acts have been committed and that soon FCC violations will be added to the offenses. People are being lied to, deceived, or misled and therefore are fully cooperating with this Lignite experiment. "This blog or any content may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of political pathways, Constitutional infringements, democracy, science, and other issues. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is compiled and distributed without profit. This blog does not always agree with certain personal views or agendas of the published authors, but we will overlook such views many times in order to present facts, conclusions, and connections for knowledge or clarification. We hope you gain from this critical subject matter of the article/op-ed."

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